Make your world a better place.

The only limitations on your life are the ones you set for yourself.

Think about it.

Your life is the only one you have, and time moves quickly – should you spend it putting up barriers, making excuses, and limiting yourself?

Think of the one thing in your life that you want to accomplish – your life aspirations. Is it having a family, making money, being a kind person, making a difference in other’s lives, having a variety of friends, starting your own business, rescuing animals, educating, or living the fullest life you can create? Take a few moments to figure out your life mantra – write it down, graph it out, think about it. What makes YOU happy and what do you want to achieve every day? Live by your mantra.

Take some time to figure out what makes you happy, very simply happy. Really, write it out. Is it taking a walk outside every morning? Is it the feeling you get after you volunteer? Is it the job that you work so hard at every day? Is it your partner? Is it your children or your pets? What drives you? Take those little pieces of happiness and realize what you need to do to make yourself flourish. Do more of those things. Do them every day!

Don’t take things that you don’t need. Give more than you receive. Always lend a hand or an ear or a heart to someone who asks for it. If you’re not living true to yourself, who are you living for? In the end, it will only be you looking back on your life. Go out and grab it!

Start your day with your mantra and write down three things you are looking forward to. End your day with your mantra and write down three things that made you smile during the day. Expel negativity, breathe in peace. Shake that bad feeling or experience off your shoulders. You’re the only one controlling your brain, it is your power!

For once, this is about you. Take care of yourself as if you were a small child. Remember what makes you, you and run full force at that. Don’t waste your precious energy on people who will suck the soul from you. They aren’t worth you!

Don’t forget to share your gifts with the world. Your purpose is powerful & you have so much to offer. Let’s all work together to make our own world’s a happier place to be alive.


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