Tear Down White Supremacy!

Yes, not all white people. But right now fellow white people, we are still the problem. Let’s work together to TEAR DOWN WHITE SUPREMACY.

Hold each other accountable for MICRO-AGGRESSIONS. What are micro-aggressions? Micro-aggressions are small, subtle forms of discrimination that may seem like “no big deal” to you, but when someone has to go about their day and has 100 micro-aggressions piled on top of each other from friends, co-workers, family, or strangers – it all adds up and becomes one giant problem.

Hold each other accountable for COVERT white supremacy (as well as overt). This includes a slew of different issues that are important to take the time to understand. Examples: white feminism, police brutality, white savior complex, denial of racism, colorblindness, racist mascots, and MANY more. Do not be a “love and light” person, be INTERSECTIONAL.

Be intersectional! What is INTERSECTIONAL FEMINISM? Feminism investigates and challenges the forces that cause injustice or inequality. These forces are not the same for all women, because the forces of oppression (sexism, racism, classism, etc.) intersect. Recognizing that feminism cannot be a blanket term, but must take all of these forces and all different kinds of people (black, white, women, men, non-binary, gay, straight, etc. etc.) into consideration is very important.

Recognize your PRIVILEGE! Yes, even if you grew up poor, if you are white you are in a position of power and therefore have white privilege. Yes, even if sometimes you have the sads, you are privileged. Recognize it, and use it to educate your white friends so that people of color don’t have to continue doing all of our heavy lifting.

You can do it! I believe in you! Always remember IMPACT > INTENT.


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