Trump’s Travel Ban, Take Two

For those of you who are out of the loop; Trump’s first travel ban was blocked by the Washington 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on February 9, 2017 after being challenged by both Washington & Minnesota state.

“Bottom line, this is a complete victory for the state of Washington,” said state Attorney General Bob Ferguson. “The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in a unanimous decision effectively granted everything we sought.”
Following this Trump imposed a new travel ban which is set to be in effect this Thursday, March 16th.

Don’t worry, this (racist) ban has already been hit with lawsuits. Two federal courts – one in Maryland, another in Hawaii – will hear challenges to the new travel ban tomorrow, March 15th. Hopefully these courts will come to similar results as the first go-around.

If the ban in and of itself isn’t offensive, racist, or fear-mongering enough for you…please take a look at Trump sitting down today with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.



Let’s get one thing clear; Trump is a racist, sociopathic, delusional liar. Why do you think he tries to enact a travel ban on primarily Muslim countries, yet will take the time to sit for a talk and photo op with the Crown Price? One answer for you – $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.



Sources & More Info:

Trump furious after court upholds block on travel ban

Donald Trump’s new travel ban faces a trio of lawsuits




A judge in Hawaii just blocked Sec. 2 & Sec. 6 of Trump’s Muslim Ban – which was scheduled to begin tonight.

Those two sections are the heart of the Muslim ban and are the sections targeting the 6 Muslim nations and targeting refugees.

This order is immediate and nationwide and effectively blocks the ban.

I expect other judges to rule in the next few hours blocking the rest.





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