Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the badass women around the globe & in my life.

THE FUTURE IS NOT BINARY. Let’s not forget to be intersectional in our feminism.

Today is a great day to support women, and learn about how you can tear down sexism, racism, and classism in your everyday life.

Do what empowers you. Some women find nudity empowering, some find modesty empowering. The entire point of feminism (intersectional that is) is that it is your choice or freedom to make that decision for yourself. Your body and your sexuality is a part of your entire self, and it’s ok to be whole. You can be an intersectional feminist and also like feeling empowered by your sexuality. They are not mutually exclusive. I’m tired of men and fellow women tearing other women down for being sexual or feeling empowered when women have already been sexualized for our entire lives. Let’s work together to make this world equal for all. 


Links below to learn more!





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