I’m Rooting For You


You have total control over your own happiness, just remember that.

Others perception of your value & life are irrelevant.

No one is looking over your shoulder telling you how to find yourself.

No one is inside your brain trying to figure out how you tick.

No one is sitting on your shoulder feeding you inspiration.

Truth is, in the end you are alone.

You have to go out and find what keeps you motivated for YOU.

What is your life’s mission?

Don’t seek things that don’t benefit you, grow you, change you, or make you a better person.

Don’t choose things that don’t fit with your mission.

Let go of all of your excess baggage; I promise you’ll be better for it.

You’re going to give yourself so much extra space to grow into.

Things that are weighing you down aren’t worth it; drop them.

Ask yourself, is this actually adding to my life? Is this taking away from me living it?

You are in control and you have the power to be fulfilled.

I’m rooting for you.

I'm Rooting For You.png


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