The Future is Ours

Fear the power of the sleeping beast
for when they have awoken
they will unleash years of
pent up power and rage.

Fear the uprising of women
for we have always been here-
watching, following, listening.
Do not mistake empathy
for lack of strength.

We possess what you lack:
the will, the persecution, the rampant sexism.
We possess the resilience of those scorned.
We feel the potency of our power
and we will harness it, control it.

Quake at the thought of our vehemence.
Cower at the depth of our emotions.
Run from the force of our unity.

You will come to fear our knowledge
and it will make you feel weak.

We will no longer follow you,
the spineless jellyfish.
Our backbones are stronger;
we bear your hope for the future.

No sector shall remain untouched
as we weave our way
to the top of every chain.

We stand together
as you never could.
We harness love
that you can never understand.

We unite, we include, we think.
We know how to take our ideas
and bring them to fruition.

Fear us.

The future is ours.


The Future Is Ours

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